Foxbat 1000W middrive

Foxbat specs:
This machine:
One owner 95% city riding. Yea, the beast enjoyed some muddy off road days.
Upgraded with comfort seat, rear light, & phone holder. Programable max speed for on or off road law compliance. 5 power settings and thumb throttle. 1K middrive = torque=500# towing. Maintained 48V battery 95% of riding time between 20-80% charge with monthly 100% charge for ideal life expectancy. 10% chg/40 mins.
The only thing I did not like was the wire routing. There was plenty of extra initially stuffed in motor box. (See 1st pic). I love the motor protection box. I first installed a motor temp sensor by controller. Pulling the wiring out of the motor box lowered the running temp dramatically. The critical aspect of E-Motor failure is frying the controller. So as a design engineer I personally rerouted foward cables & wires through frame. Electrics are splice-soldered. See pics. Nice. :)
My next upgrade was to replace derrailer with an Internal Geared Hub & belt drive. Very dooable.
Foxbats from BoltonEbikes.c are on backorder which told me/implies reviews are outstanding & it's an incredible E-bike for the buck. Spring 2022 preorder currently.
26x3.5" tires n brake hydraulic pads min wear. Only difference to 2021 is this has 17Ah battery.
I can do 40 miles RT on Assist Level 1-2-3(for a few steep hills) on hilly river road from Asheville to Marshall, NC. AL1 is plenty for crusing around town. AL2 I'm passing cars & best speed/Ah efficiency. AL3 people turn heads wondering, "WTF?" as I scream by, including pro cyclists as I pass them with 70#'s in saddle bags & Spec-Op my 25# dog in his rear basket.
AL5 & ya risk a discussion with an officer of da law.
I just show them the "750W" sticker on motor. :) Thanks Kyle. He has "250W" & 1.21GW/88mph as well.
There's lots of E-bikes in AVL but none come close to the power & speed of Blu. She runs like when new.
You can own this machine free dilivery to yo door within days & I can then pick up my horse.
New Sturmey Archer 3 speed IGH $200 Panniers $100 (see pic) EXTRA if interested.
Free shipping within mainland USA.
?s 1-530-688-2013 Barney D

Wattage: 1000+
Class: Class 3
Motor Type: Mid-Drive Motor
Battery Capacity in Watt Hours (Voltage x Amp Hours = Watt Hours): 749-999 Wh
Brand or Model of Ebike: Bolton Foxbat

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