Brand New Sabre

Never Ridden - Sabre Red & Black
No mileage lots of extras
Lekkie Chain gear 42t with a custom motor cover
Lekkie CNC Crank Arms with custom pedals
Armour Tannus inserts with Flatout in both wheels as flat tire prevention.
Red wheel inserts WOW
Hydraulic disc brakes
56v c 21amp

Wattage: 1000+
Class: Unlimited
Motor Type: Mid-Drive Motor
Battery Capacity in Watt Hours (Voltage x Amp Hours = Watt Hours): 1000-1499 Wh
Brand or Model of Ebike: Bolton Sabre

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Paul B

6 months ago

Willing to work with you on delivery. My wife’s bike. She lost vision in one eye while we were waiting for delivery and doesn’t feel comfortable riding.

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