Utah Trikes E-Quad Revolution XL

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The link below will take you to the quad as it left Utah Trikes.


Other Utah videos about this bike:
(Since I opted for the mid-drive motor I do not have a reverse function as described in this video.)

You will probably be able to see from my pics that I've made several changes to make it a better off-road/hunting rig.

  • I removed the front chain ring/pedals. I found that unless you were on relatively flat, hard surface terrain, and you are super fit, it was VERY difficult to pedal. And the assembly kept getting caught up in the weeds, causing numerous chain derails.

  • I also took off the stock Bafang chain ring and installed a Luna mighty mini 30-tooth which gives it much better climbing ability. You lose about 2 mph (from 20 to 18) but for my terrain is was a good trade-off.

  • I moved the seat to a more upright position. Since I wasn't peddling that feels more comfortable and provides better visibility.

  • I removed one of the rear seat braces to get better utility from the cargo rack. (If I kept it I think I would also move the other one forward and just stiffen up the seat frame.)

  • I added a 52V (13ah) battery to the 48V (17ah). I also have an extra 52V that I haven’t mounted. On my terrain with lots of hills, mud and generally just tough going, I can get 20 miles with the two batteries. BTW, I weigh 185.

  • I also disconnected the brake cut-off switches. They're intended to be a safety feature e but aren't' helpful if you find yourself riding into your truck bed or stopping/starting on steep hills.

  • I have the original parts, spare tubes, tool box, programming cable, etc. as pictured.

If you're not familiar with these I recommend you spend some time on Utah Trike's web site and also on Luna's https://electricbike.com/forum/
A ton of info in those two sites.

As you can see shipping is a non-starter. It cost me $450 to get it shipped to me. Plus, this thing is so unique I feel as though you've really got to try it out.

Below is the build sheet that lays out the 3k of upgrades.

Upgrade Highlights:
- XL frame with 26x4 tires
- NuVinci geared hub
- Front suspension
- Bafang Mid-Drive
- Limited slip rear axle.

A lot of words here but let me add one more thing....
If you ride on relatively flat, hard surfaces, this is more than you need both from a money and size/weight perspectives. But if you want to get off the beaten path, and have some mobility challenges this might be the ticket.

View Trike Pictures:

Product QTY Unit Price Total Price
Revolution eQuad RS - Pedal-Electric Hybrid Recumbent Quad 1 $5999 $5999
UPG-Crinkle Black/Army Green 1 $0 $0
UPG-Suspension Spindles 1 $200 $200
STKCFG-DNM DV-22 Coil Over Spring Shock - 650lb 1 $0 $0
STKCFG-Basic Pedals with reflectors 1 $0 $0
STKCFG-Tektro HD-E530 Hydraulic Brakes w/eSwitch 1 $0 $0
STKCFG-Upright Adjustable Seat 1 $0 $0
Double Mirrycle Mirrors 1 $39.95 $39.95
eQuad Rear Cargo Rack - Full Rack for Upright Seat 1 $250 $250
Bafang BBSHD 48volt 1000watt Motor Assist {br}Note - Midmount configuration instead of UTCustom 1000W motor 1 $400 $400
STKCFG-48V 17AH Li-ion Battery w/USB port 1 $0 $0
Basic Tongue Hitch for Cat-4 Quad 1 $85 $85
STKCFG-Hardened Steel Solid Axle 1 $0 $0
UPG-Bafang 860C Color Display with Selector Switch 1 $71 $71
NuVinci N380 Hub 32H - Black {br}Note - Middrive configuration 1 $140 $140
UTCustom Freewheel Posi Differential {br}Note - Including Axle upgrade 1 $299 $299
Note {br}Note - XL Frame - 26x4 Vee Mission Wheel/Tire 1 $1300 $1300
Mr. Tuffy 4XL Fat Bike Tire Liner 26x4.1-5.0 - PAIR 2 $100.99 $201.98
Order Date: 8 Apr 2020 - 15:45
Subtotal: $8985.93
Shipping: $450.00
Tax: $0.00
Total: 9435.93

Wattage: 1000+
Class: Unlimited
Motor Type: Mid-Drive Motor
Battery Capacity in Watt Hours (Voltage x Amp Hours = Watt Hours): 749-999 Wh
Brand or Model of Ebike: Utah Trikes E-Quad Revolution XL

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