Converted Specialized Allez Comp 250W e-Bike

The analog version of the Specialized Allez Comp was and still is a great all-around road bike, but to add that extra boost of a Swytch 2.0 bike kit makes it an overall great commuter and/or fitness road bike.

The base bike platform is a tried and true Specialized Allez Comp that has withstood plenty of road miles and after I had a knee injury, I decided to add pedalec assistance to my recovery and PT regiment. It worked out great and had lots of fun. Now, it needs another home and someone to enjoy this awesome bike.

Specialized Allez Comp Short Specs:
54.5 cm Aerotech frame (riders 5'6" to 5'11")
Ultegra group set (3 x 9 speed); Ultegra brakes
original weight was around 9 Kg or about 20 lbs

Swytch 2.0 Ebike Conversion kit
250 W Front hub motor
Motor: 250 W geared hub motor (40 Nm torque)
Top speed: 32 km/h (20 mph) in the US or 25 km/h (15.5 mph) in the EU
Range: 30-50 km (18-31 mi) depending on user input and battery pack size
Battery: 36V 5Ah (180 Wh)
Charge time: 3 hours
Weight: 3 kg (6.6 lb)

Total weight of the bike: 13 Kg or 29 lbs so about as heavy as a mid-tier gravel bike with accessories.

My daily commute from the flat area of the city to the hilly area is about 15 miles round trip and the average hill grade is between 10-18% or more. On weekend fitness rides, I average 25 miles round trip even after riding up and down hills of sometimes 20% grade or more. Not bad at all! I've done day tours in flat wine country and got about 35 miles in normal mode. And the best thing is that if you run out of juice, then it rides like a normal bike.

If you are looking for a very light class 1 e-bike with plenty of gears (and added pedal assistance) to tackle hills, then this is the bike for you. This is a class 1 e-bike but the vendor does offer a throttle option for the kit. I didn't add that option since I rather like the look of a stealthy bike. I basically used the pedal assist as a last few mile boost after a long but satisfying commuter and/or fitness ride.

Accessories: suspension seat post, folding lock, seat bag, back light and security device (yes, the light is a motion sensor bike alarm & horn w/ remote; and is loud & works very well)

Wattage: 250
Class: Class 1
Motor Type: Hub Motor
Battery Capacity in Watt Hours (Voltage x Amp Hours = Watt Hours): 499 Wh or less
Brand or Model of Ebike: Swytch/Specialized

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