DIY eBike 1000w, 52v, 30AH (30MPH!)
One of the batteries shorted out on the frame.
I suspect only a few need to be replaced.
Don't know if the BMS was damaged.

Selling for parts.

The host bike was converted using a 1000watt kit from Amazon. Could do around 30MPH when it was working!
1000watt 52v hub motor, Batteries, charger, eBike controller + safety brake levers.
Battery pack was made in China (52v 30AH)
120 (18650) Batteries! (One is for sure bad!)

Wattage: 1000+
Class: Class 2
Motor Type: Hub Motor
Battery Capacity in Watt Hours (Voltage x Amp Hours = Watt Hours): 1500-2000 Wh
Brand or Model of Ebike: Schwinn

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