Himiway Escape 2021 model

I have clocked about 145 miles on my Himiway Escape Electric Bicycle and this number may change as I continue to ride it.
I really like it, however I enjoy riding for long distances on trails and need something with a higher battery range to continue this type of riding.

The bike is a bit dusty in the second two photos due to having just gotten back from a ride, however the bike is in excellent condition and will be cleaned thoroughly prior to you picking it up. It's controller is Unlocked* giving you 7 adjustable pedal assist levels and a top speed of approximately 29 miles per hour in its current state. There is only one small scratch on the bikes kickstand, otherwise the bike is in 100% excellent condition. The chain is like new and there is hardly any wear on any of the components. The rear bag, bottle holder and Bluetooth speaker as well as the upgraded pedals, the original metal pedals, charger and instruction manual will be included and a helmet if necessary as I have a few and will need a fullface for my next purchase anyway.

This bike has ridden trails through the Otay mountains and ridden with the LAEsk8 group through Los Angeles in the short month that I've been it's proud owner, and I'm glad that I can make sure it'll go to another person that will enjoy it.

This bike has about 28-45 miles of range in real world use per charge depending on your riding style and is extremely easy to ride. The 750watt hub motor in the rear provides excellent power for climbing up hills and the bike is still covered under Himiways manufacturers warranty. A copy of the original shop purchase receipt will be forwarded to the new owner just in case they should ever have to use the warranty for any reason.

The rear brake pads were replaced with higher quality brake pads after the original pads failed on a previous ride. The upgraded pads offer better stopping power and peace of mind in my experience (and squeak slightly less when dusty)

Class: Class 2
Motor Type: Hub Motor
Battery Capacity in Watt Hours (Voltage x Amp Hours = Watt Hours): 500-749 Wh
Wattage: 750
Brand or Model of Ebike: Himiway

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