AWD Fat Bike MONGOOGE Frame 26x4 Wheels AWD 2-1000 Watt Hub Motors independent operation
BATTRIES 4- 48 Volt 20Ah. = 48 Volt 80 Ah
Harley Davidson Hard Bags from a FLHT Storage for the batteries and controller boxes
Bluetooth Music from your phone to the On Board Stereo
48v to 12v DC to DC Converter 12v DC Live Feed

Wattage: 1000+
Class: Unlimited
Motor Type: Dual Hub Motor (All Wheel Drive)
Battery Capacity in Watt Hours (Voltage x Amp Hours = Watt Hours): 2000+ Wh
Brand or Model of Ebike: Custom Build

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Jay B

1 year ago

Any Questions Please Ask or email jaybird4202 at Gmail Thanks for your Consideration

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