Modfied Bolton Blackbird

Selling my 24" 2020 Bolton blackbird and everything I have for it. The bike is unfortunately too tall for me so it's time to part with it. The stock controller has a blown mosfett so I upgraded to a grin tech phaserunner 90amp max FOC controller with field weakening. I have it tuned to the stock motor and battery so it's limited to 35 amps pushing 1800 watts which means I'm hitting 36+MPH at my weight. I also installed the cycle analyst display to go with that phaserunner so you can adjust the max amp on the fly. The bike has a 2.5" Jones loop bar in black butted aluminum with the Jones bag, these are the most comfortable handlebars around with several hand positions to prevent your hands from going numb on long rides, coupled with the Ergon GP4 grips, this is a very upright relaxed ride. I have rear view mirrors on both sides and a ram mount phone holder. I've rewired the whole bike for the upgraded controller, but I made pigtails for every connection including the motor cable in case you want to revert to the KT controller no wire splicing is required.

Wattage: 750
Class: Unlimited
Motor Type: Hub Motor
Battery Capacity in Watt Hours (Voltage x Amp Hours = Watt Hours): 749-999 Wh
Brand or Model of Ebike: 2021 Boton BlackBird

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Jeff K

15 days ago

It is sad that so many people say the 24” bike tall , I bought a 26” and it is really tall. I have to lean the bike when stopping. Good luck on selling. I have tried twice already.

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